Subverting the Media (2008 / San Francisco, CA)

The technological plane is an abstraction: in ordinary life we are practically unconscious of the technological reality of objects. Yet this abstraction is profoundly real: it is what governs all radical transformations of our environment…it is starting from this language, from this consistency of the technical model, that we can reach an understanding of what happens to objects by virtue of their being produced and consumed, possessed and personalized. 

Jean Baudrillard

With this project I wanted to challenge the 'One Way Communication' that we experience through television. My main interest was the aesthetic value or production of this interaction, looking for a hidden dimension within the space of being a consumer and a producer. The feedback loop that is created through having a camera pointing at the image that is producing creates interesting patterns. This patterns analyze time and lag through the lense of this analog technology. The result is an infinite loop, within the constant loop there are changes, that because of the feedback loop, initiate constant change and motion.