Seeing the invisible

- Electromagnetic Fields of all frequencies represent one of the most common and fastest growing environmental influences, about which anxiety and speculation are spreading. All populations are now exposed to varying degrees of EMF, and the levels will continue to increase as technology advances - World Health Organization

Our environment is filled with wireless networks. I am interested in making our digital environment visible. I believe that visibility creates awareness thus influencing our behavior.

I created a series of different exercises that allowed me to theorized and experience what would it be to see this world. My first exercise was a 3D projection. The projection is a representation of a EMF Field in our environment. The 3D movie allows us to perceive what it will be like if we could actually be capable of looking at the Electromagnetic Fields that surround us. I laser cut some cardboard and created 3D glasses for a group of over a dozen people. The projection was done in the middle of a room in a transparent material, allowing the spectators to walk around the projection.



Subverting the Media (2008 / San Francisco, CA)

The technological plane is an abstraction: in ordinary life we are practically unconscious of the technological reality of objects. Yet this abstraction is profoundly real: it is what governs all radical transformations of our environment…it is starting from this language, from this consistency of the technical model, that we can reach an understanding of what happens to objects by virtue of their being produced and consumed, possessed and personalized. 

Jean Baudrillard

With this project I wanted to challenge the 'One Way Communication' that we experience through television. My main interest was the aesthetic value or production of this interaction, looking for a hidden dimension within the space of being a consumer and a producer. The feedback loop that is created through having a camera pointing at the image that is producing creates interesting patterns. This patterns analyze time and lag through the lense of this analog technology. The result is an infinite loop, within the constant loop there are changes, that because of the feedback loop, initiate constant change and motion. 

MORPH (2008 / Oaxaca, Mexico)

MORPH was a curatorial exercise based on the analysis of the exchange that happens in the central market of Abastos, Oaxaca. More than 25 artists participated in the exhibit, creating original pieces that touched different point of views. Here is the original invitation is Spanish: 

(Del lat. interventĭo, -ōnis).
1. f. Acción y efecto de intervenir.
2. f. Oficina del interventor.
3. f. Cuerpo de oficiales que tienen por misión inspeccionar la administración de los ejércitos.
4. f. Med. Operación quirúrgica.

Interacción con lugares, público, y objetos. Una intervención puede considerarse una subversión hacía el original… En el caso de la Central de Abastos una subversión contra los SISTEMAS (organizacionales, económicos, políticos, legales, morales…)

A partir de este análisis se crearon distintas piezas. El proyecto busco ser incluyente a través de una convocatoria abierta. El resultado es tan amplio como el mismo objeto de análisis. Fotografía, video, dibujo, pintura, grabado, arte objeto y diseño conviven en esta exposición.

La Central es un micro-cosmos, el objetivo es analizar este fenómeno de intercambio y consumo desde diferentes puntos de vista. Más de 25 artistas colaboraron en el desarrollo de este proyecto.

Blackbox Manifest (2006 / Oaxaca, Mexico)


Oaxaca has one of the highest emigration rates of all Mexican States. In response to this, Blackbox seeks to create a solid, high quality and creative handicraft industry that includes several communities in the creation of new products. This industry provides jobs in rural Oaxaca and therefore respects an ancestral way of life that was inherited through the generations. Every product is unique, breaks with the established and experiments with this form of creation. This is our revolution, our way to seek change with mud or paper pulp on our hands, sawdust covering our faces and weaving a dream thread by thread, a dream of autonomy, opportunity and freedom that is full of expression. – Gustavo Fricke