3D FORM STUDIO / California College of the Arts


As we absorb our environment we realize that they are two main types of forms that surround us, those, which are man-made and the natural ones. We loose track of this context, maybe because of our life rhythm, or maybe because we are immerse in our man made world. What is fascinating about the natural world, is that is ever changing. If one were to describe its nature, it would be film instead of photography, incredibly complex, beautiful and ever changing. What makes it beautiful? Is it its complexity or its relation to our own natural existence and the way form witness its inexorable passage of time?

This class focuses on appropriating our natural environment by analyzing it. Our main focus will be to observe time, specifically a concept called entropy. This concept is sometimes defined as a gradual decline of arranged elements into disorder. Time is what contextualizes our exercise, our constant and grounding. Our efforts will focus on developing a set of conditions that will affect form, through the passage of time. The conditions are pre defined, through a rigorous and gradual process, we will allow form to manifest itself. Through the creation of series we allow the process to be validated, while we are able to recognize what makes each object unique.